Dr Zhou Jianying
Principal Scientist, Infocomm Security Department Head
Institute of Infocomm Research


Dr. Jianying Zhou is a principal scientist and the head of Infocomm Security Department at Institute for Infocomm Research. He received PhD in Information Security from Royal Holloway, University of London, and has been working on cybersecurity for over 20 years. His research interests are in applied cryptography, computer and network security, cyber-physical security, mobile and wireless security. He has secured over 10 million dollars of research grants as lead PI, in close collaboration with academic and industrial partners as well as government agencies. He has published over 200 referred papers at international conferences and journals with over 5000 citations, and received ESORICS'15 best paper award. He has 2 technologies being standardized in ISO/IEC 29192-4 and ISO/IEC 20009-4, respectively. He also has a number of technologies being patented. He is a co-founder & steering committee co-chair of International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS). He is also steering committee vice chair of ACM AsiaCCS, and steering committee member of Asiacrypt. He has served in many international crypto and security conference committees (ACM CCS & AsiaCCS, IEEE CSF, ESORICS, RAID, ACNS, Asiacrypt, PKC, FC etc.) as general chair, program chair, and PC member. More info at http://icsd.i2r.a-star.edu.sg/staff/jianying/.


Cyber-Physical Security Challenges in Urban Transportation Systems


Our cities increasingly rely on various cyber-physical infrastructures to support people’s everyday lives. However, the advanced, and often complex, features that make these cyber-physical systems intelligent also make them vulnerable to attacks by malicious agents. Particularly for a city with dense population like Singapore, the security, safety and reliability of its urban transportation systems are critical. In this talk, I will share the cyber-physical security challenges in urban transportation systems considering the feedback from our industrial collaborators. We are developing solutions to address those real-world security challenges. This research is funded by NRF (more info at http://www.secuts.net).