Professor Yu Chien Siang
Chief Innovation Officer


As Quann’s Chief Innovation Officer, Professor Yu is responsible for cultural transformation, strategic problem solving and innovations in areas such as Big Data, video and cognitive processing, Smart Nation, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, drones and high security solutioning. He also leads Quann Labs, focusing on cyber security innovation and anti-malware research.

Previously, Professor Yu held a similar role with the Ministry of Home Affairs. He has worked in the Civil Service since 1981 and was awarded National Day Honours, The Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 1993 and The Public Administration Medal (Silver) Bar in 2004.

Prior to being part of the Civil Service, he was awarded the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft Scholarship, a Public Service Commission Scholarship, to pursue his studies at Fachhochschule Munchen, where he graduated as a Data Systems Engineer. During his studies, he received training at the Siemens Research Laboratory and IBM R&D Laboratory in Boblingen.

Professor Yu has been active in the fields of IT management and IT security for more than 20 years. He has led numerous national-level projects in IT security and homeland security and has been instrumental in evolving their architecture and fundamental mechanisms.

Professor Yu, a pioneer in the exploitation of microcomputers, is a former President of the Singapore Microcomputer Society. He is the inventor of cost-efficient and unique smart card readers, cryptography systems, more efficient protocols and fault tolerant systems. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at the National University of Singapore where he teaches an introductory course on cyber security.


The Evolution of Cyber Defence - Securing Your Achilles' heel


Modern Smart Nation technology has inspired unprecedented paradigm shifts in the cyber landscape. The advent of paperless digitisation, deep learning AI and enhanced Internet-of-Things (IoT) has created new security vulnerabilities for contemporary cyber criminals to exploit. The emergence of unforeseen and sophisticated security threats are rendering traditional cyber security approaches obsolete, redefining the future of cyber defence.

In this presentation, Professor Yu, Chief Innovation Officer of Quann will share how Liquid Defence, a revolutionary self-healing and self-optimising solution, uses asymmetrically defending strategy to protect organisations from the increasingly unpredictable cyber threats. In addition, the original method of Continuous Monitoring is enhanced to empower Security Automation, Continuous Auditing and Security Intelligence sharing. This next-generation adaptive response will be strategic in redefining the future of cyber monitoring in the perimeterless world.