Timothy G Brown
Chief Technology Officer
Dell One Identity


Tim Brown is at the front line of the most vexing challenge facing organizations today: IT security. As a former CTO, chief architect, distinguished engineer and director of security strategy, Tim deeply understands the challenges and aspirations of the person responsible for driving digital innovation and change. Tim has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing security technology, including identity and access management, security compliance, threat research, vulnerability management, encryption, managed security services and cloud security.  

Today, as a Dell Fellow and the CTO of Dell Security, Tim is developing the future of IT security, and it’s a future that is addressing customers’ biggest challenges using a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach. His strong industry knowledge in finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail and government enables Tim to provide relevant and actionable insights.

Nationally, his trusted advisor status has taken him from meeting with members of Congress and the Senate to the Situation Room in the White House. He has been on the board of the Open Identity Exchange and a member of the Trans Global Secure Collaboration Program driving advancements in identity frameworks and working with the US government on security initiatives. He is a member of the Advisory board for Clemson University and holds 20+ patents on security related topics.


Focusing the Cyber Security Lens


2016 finds us in the space between incredible opportunities and big challenges. Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, the adversary is adapting and adjusting their business models and the cyber security professional is stretched to the limit. This presentation will focus on how to adapt to today’s challenges and say yes to embracing new technologies and new opportunities. It will provide actionable information and knowledge enabling you to focus on the most important assets, prioritise security efforts and prepare for the future.