Sergei Shevchenko
Security Researcher
BAE Systems


Sergei Shevchenko is a security researcher with 16 years of professional experience reverse engineering malware. Sergei is a recognised expert in his field and continues to demonstrate his passion for unwinding and uncovering complex malicious code through the numerous malware research write-ups, posts, articles, and white-papers that he authors. He invented and built the well-known automated threat analysis system ThreatExpert, as well as other software projects within PC Tools and Symantec. Sergei currently works as a Security Researcher at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence in Sydney.


Cyber Heist 2016


A few months ago, cyber-intruders compromised the Bangladesh Central Bank and attempted to make off with nearly $1B.. In the end, it is believed the attackers managed to steal the best part of $81M – still making this one of the largest bank robberies of all time.
Understanding how this major cyber-heist operation happened is key to defending against further breaches.
This talk will cover as much of the detail as possible: both from the perspective of the cyber-attack as well as the money laundering which subsequently occurred. It will focus on the technical aspects of the malware used, how it works and how the attackers have used it to cover their own tracks. It will also disclose the analysis techniques that discovered the links between the malware used in the cyber-heists and the previous attacks.