Sandy Bird
IBM Fellow, CTO Security Systems Division
United States


Sandy Bird was the co-founder and CTO of Q1 Labs, now part of IBM. Today, he's the CTO for IBM Security and is responsible for the company's strategic technology direction. Sandy has extensive technology experience specializing in database design and development for web applications.


Securing Your Company for Today's Cyber War: A Three-Pronged Approach to a Comprehensive IT Security Strategy


In 2016, we continued to see more major cyber attacks than ever before which in turn put pressure on organisations in every industry to have the right measures in place to protect both themselves and their customers. While most organisations already have some sort of security practices in place, many do not have a complete security strategy for end-to-end coverage. In fact, a recent study found 80 percent of CISOs feel they are not properly prepared for today’s cyber war. In this talk, Sandy Bird will detail three critically important aspects to building a complete, end-to-end security strategy. The first, integrate your organisation’s operations and security leaders. By doing so, security leaders gain visibility into operation partners, vendors, and practices which allows them to have a complete view of the ecosystem that needs protection. Second, adopt security intelligence/situational awareness processes. Most companies lack the ability to understand where potential threats reside in their infrastructure, which means attacks, can go unnoticed for extended periods of time before they receive a proper response. Third, make your security strategy your own. No security strategy is the same, because every organisation has different business critical data and different operations. Each organisation needs to take the understanding of their operations and security needs and then apply it to the necessary security steps appropriate for their company.