Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel
Israel Space Agency

Israel National Council for R&D


Tel Aviv University


Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in mathematics, physics and philosophy, earning his PhD in 1988. A retired major-general in the Israel Air Force, Prof. Ben-Israel has served as head of military R&D of the Israel Defense Forces and the Ministry of Defense. He is a recipient of the Israel Defense Award and the Israel Air Force Award, and was a member of Knesset from 2007 to 2009.

He is currently Head of the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center and head of Yuval Ne'eman workshop for Science, Technology and Security at Tel Aviv University.

He is also the chairman of the Israel National Council for Research and Development and Chairman of the Israeli Space Agency at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.


Cyber as Economic Opportunity


A dynamic ecosystem is essential for a nation to be resilient, agile, adaptive to emerging and rapidly changing cyber threats. Prof Ben-Israel will discuss how the key elements of such an ecosystem (Government, Academia, Industry) have contributed to the success of Israel’s model; and how this could be translated to Singapore’s context. For example, Singapore can integrate cybersecurity service offerings with industry sectors that Singapore is traditionally strong in, which will enhance Singapore’s competitive advantages in these areas and provide new growth opportunities for cybersecurity.