Mock Pak Lum
Chief Technology Officer
StarHub Ltd


Pak Lum oversees the Network Engineering, SmartHub (data analytics research) and i3 (Innovation, Investment, Incubation) Divisions at StarHub. He is responsible for establishing  the company's technical vision and leading all aspects of technology development. He also looks into the strategy for technology platforms and external partnerships, as well as initiatives for innovations.


Applying Big Data Analytics for Cyber Threat Detection


In most Security Operations Centre (SOCs) today, the operators receive millions or even billions of logs per day, translating into thousands of events to investigate. More often than not, SOCs ended up with a long investigation cycle, pouring great investment in manpower resources, yet unable to cope with the large number of incidents to be investigated.

In the modern SOC, advanced analytics can be applied to huge quantities of network data to identify unseen trends and derive actionable insights. This in turn will reduce time needed for remediation as threats are detected in the earlier stages of the kill chain and allow organizations to take pre-emptive measures against new threats that have yet to impact them.

In this session, StarHub’s CTO will share how StarHub’s own telco-centric SOC is run using predictive analytics, which is applied to network-level data for enhanced cyber threat detection.