Matthias Yeo
Chief Technology Officer – Asia Pacific
Blue Coat


Matthias is responsible for driving Blue Coat’s solution strategy and technology vision throughout Asia Pacific. He serves as a trusted advisor to senior executives (such as CIOs and CISOs) and in strategizing and improving the overall security postures for their organization.

He has over 14 years of information security experience in Mobile Security, Network Defense, Data Protection and Risk and Compliance, and specializes in providing technical leadership in security strategy, assessment, processes and incident response.

Matthias is an active conference speaker in Asia Pacific on security issues at technical conferences and industry events, where he provides deep insights into trends, developments and strategies for digital security.


The Storms Within the Cloud


The idea of cloud adoption like Office 365, dropbox and Gmail has gained momentum in recent months. There had been many motivations such as cost reduction, improvement of IT flexibility, or business needs such as requirements to share files among business partners. The evolution of IoT had also greatly accelerated cloud adoption. It is inevitable that a new storm is arising, hackers are targeting cloud for the very same reason why cloud was adopted - available anyway, and anytime. As assessment has been done with various customers, some of the industry observation of threats on cloud such as shadow IT and data will be shared. Matthias will share about the best practice of Cloud Continuum, moving towards the 2 pillar of protection / security, and compliance / governance, and how traditional security infrastructure controls can be mapped to the cloud application protection.