Maheswaran Shanmugasundaram
Strategic Security Consulting for APAC Region
Forcepoint LLC


Mahesh brings along with him over 16 years of experience in Information Security and have worked on multiple security technologies and processes in his professional career and also obtained many professional certifications. Maheswaran is a technologist at heart but has a great ability to understand the business and operational aspects of various industry verticals and was instrumental in deriving and deploying effective security strategies using Forcepoint solutions for several large enterprises across the APAC region.


Addressing Data Thefts Through An Effective Insider Threat Program


Most enterprises focus extensively on protecting corporate infrastructure and critical information assets from external threats, but danger lurks from within – Insiders(Employees, Partners, Contractors etc.). While we must generally think of our employees as trusted individuals, their mishandling of data – both intentional and unintentional is a tremendous risk for organizations. This presentation would highlight how monitoring risky user behaviours will help organizations to predict and also protect critical information assets from data loss and theft. The presentation would also focus on the importance for organizations to have controls to detect and prevent Insider Threats and provide recommendations to establish an effective program to identify Risky user behaviours that can create data loss/theft risks for organizations.

Key takeaways
  • Understanding risks of data loss/theft because of Insider threats
  • Frameworks to establish detection of data theft/loss because of risky user behaviours.