Keng Lee
Chief Operations Officer


Keng Lee is the COO of TanoSecure and has been the key person on Mobile App Security Testing Working Group (MAST WG) and Cloud Security Alliance since 2014.  Mr.Lee continues to make contributions in MAST WG on white paper and the MAST certification framework design. Mr. Lee also stays on top of trends regarding IoT Security, Cloud Vulnerability issues and their vetting technology.

Before joining TanoSecure he specialized in e-government and smart-city profession while he worked for Institute for Information Industry, a Taiwanese Government Agency. Apart from his experience in information technology, he plays a number of roles in many companies as the strategy Advisor. Mr.Lee holds Master degrees in math and computer science from Taiwan and the United States.


Securing the Next Frontier. From your Fingertip to the Cloud and Beyond


Cloud Computing heralds in a new age of computing. The formative years are over; today Cloud will be the basis from where applications and services will be built upon. Cloud will provide the basic compute and storage capabilities that will drive applications, which in turn will leverage on the agility of what Cloud brings, to build business applications rapidly and adapt to the demand of any volatile business environment. In today’s mobile society, it is with no doubt that true mobility will unlock the potential of any cloud applications with pervasive and ubiquitous service offerings, for example Fintech applications. Hence, mobile security, securing the end point from where cloud services will be delivered, will be key to providing the data protection and privacy requirements that will be critical towards mainstream adoption. This presentation will discuss work done to identify key security controls that should be present in any mobile applications. A security testing framework will be defined that will help assess the readiness of any mobile applications to be listed on any application store.