John Suffolk
Global Chief Security Officer


John Suffolk is a Senior Vice President and the Global Cyber Security Officer for Huawei. In this role, he oversees the enhancement and implementation of Huawei’s end-to-end global cyber security assurance system, which includes monitoring and improving all aspects of information security across the company’s global supply chain, in addition to the management of the Trusted Delivery Process. Mr. Suffolk is responsible for strengthening the company’s understanding of information security issues of governments and operators and ensuring the trusted delivery of telecommunications networks.
Mr. Suffolk has more than 25 years of experience in the information and communications technology industry. Prior to joining Huawei in 2011, Mr. Suffolk spent more than seven years in the UK Government, where he was Her Majesty’s Government CIO and CISO, leading the delivery of the Government’s strategy for the transformation of public services enabled by technology. Previously, he was Operations Director and Managing Director of Britannia Building Society, and Director of Customer Services at Birmingham Midshires.
He was named the most influential CIO in the UK in 2010 by Silicon.com and was ranked in the top five of the most influential people in technology behind Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
Mr. Suffolk received an MBA from The University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom.


The Challenges of New Technologies and Security.


After 30 years after we invented the PC we still cannot secure it, and now ICT is changing rapidly to a cloud, mobile, 5G, IoT world and our approach to security must change.  But how? Security is not only about international treaties or joint exercises or indeed enhancing cooperation, but also inherently improve the security of technology.  Given the fact that most technology products are processed internationally, security of technology can only be maximized through end-to-end security processes to the whole value chain. From laws, policy, product design to value chains management, stakeholders in the ecosystem must get our hands dirty taking practical steps to reduce security threats.