Jessica Tan
Managing Director
Microsoft Singapore


As Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore, Jessica is responsible for developing and driving growth strategies as well as deepening relationships with partners, customers and employees. She also leads Microsoft’s ongoing corporate citizenship commitments in Singapore, which include living the company’s mission to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

As a professional who has invested her career in the IT sector for over 25 years, Jessica is both passionate and committed to the industry and its people. For this, she was named the IT Leader of the Year 2016 by the Singapore Computer Society. Over the years, Jessica has served in several leadership positions in sales, services and strategic business development roles in Singapore, and the Asia Pacific and Great China regions. She is also the Member of Parliament for the East Coast Group Representation Constituency in Singapore, and board member of a number of Singapore organisations.


Cybersecurity in an Era of Digital Transformation


We live in a remarkable time when computing has been democratised and organisations of all sizes and in every industry are not only becoming increasingly dependent on technology, but are also seeking transformations empowered by digital technologies. The same technologies that provide us unprecedented global connections and productivity also provide cyber criminals new opportunities to commit headline-earning crimes. How do we bridge the gap between innovation and security? This challenge is not one that a single organisation can do on its own.  However, by making cybersecurity a top priority, we can help to build greater trust in technology and all that it promises to enable and foster digital transformation.