Jerry Stalick
Vice President of Security Operations
F5 Networks


  • 20 year veteran of Networking, Customer Service and Security Operations.
  • Focusing on Fraud, Malware, Layer 4-7 Security.
  • Extensive experience with Fortune 500, Government, Education, Financial customers.
  • In less than three years, opened two security operations centers (Seattle and Warsaw) and launched two new security services while expanding a third. 
  • Currently responsible for delivering commercial F5 security services to customers globally as a multi-million USD business.          


Building a 21st Century Security Operations Center


Setting up a Security Operations Center capable of dealing with security, business, and operational demands is a huge undertaking for any organization. 

This presentation will cover the fundamentals which will need to be considered in the early stages of building a SOC.  It will focus on setting clear priorities, identifying initial milestones and achieving early success.  It will also consider some of the challenges faced by front line management and staff in addressing corporate or regulatory requirements.  The main theme will emphasize building partnerships internally and in the industry to build on existing strengths and provide a stronger security posture. 

The supporting themes will be:
  • Focus on people, technology and process.
  • Align with the goals of the business/organization.
  • Avoid getting caught up in hype or marketing.