Guy Rosefelt
Director, Web Security Product Management
United States


Guy is responsible for developing NSFOCUS web security products worldwide. He has many years’ experience in application and network security. Starting as an officer in the USAF, he left on a magical and dangerous odyssey that took him through so many security products & startups that it would be embarrassing to mention them all. Even more embarrassing is that Guy did not get rich at any of them. What really matters is that German Chocolate is his favorite cake.


Making Threat Intelligence Actionable


The validity, reputation and value of Cyber Threat Intelligence (TI) data and analysis have taken several hits recently and many are wondering what, if any, role it should play in their defense strategy. Presenting new global threat research and case studies from NSFOCUS Security Labs, Guy Rosefelt will demonstrate some ways to make using TI more effective within your organisation.