Gidi Cohen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Skybox Security


For more than a decade, Gidi Cohen has been a trusted advisor to cybersecurity leaders at global enterprises, helping them to architect security programs that quickly and accurately prioritize and address vulnerabilities and threats. His expertise is in vulnerability management, threat intelligence management, and security policy management. The founder and CEO of Skybox Security, a leader in cybersecurity analytics, Gidi is a frequent speaker at industry conferences worldwide, demonstrating how sophisticated analytics, modeling and simulation can be used to create unprecedented visibility of the attack surface, reduce exposure to attacks across the organization and prioritize remediation.
Gidi holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Master of Science in Computer Sciences from Tel Aviv University.


Indicators of Exposure: Powering Proactive Security Management


For years, security leaders have struggled to gain visibility over their attack surface – crucial to ongoing situational awareness and fast threat response. Point solutions and disconnected processes only provide glimpses of an enterprise’s security status. When operational teams have partial, sporadic and disparate information, they cannot analyse data in context, limiting their ability to make timely and effective decisions.   

A new approach uses Indicators of Exposure (IOEs) – security issues in danger of exploitation by hackers – to unify risk into a common language in order assess risk levels holistically. IOEs combined with network modeling, simulation and security analytics technology give security leaders for the first time a complete view of their attack surface, immediate intelligence of their most severe risks and intuitive understanding of how to deal with it. The IOE approach powers a proactive, integrated solution to protect against cyberattacks before they happen and quickly contain them if they do.