Freddy Tan
Director (Business Development)


Freddy Tan is a CISSP with an MSc from the University of London. He is currently the Director, Business Development for Strategic Accounts, responsible for cybersecurity consult, advice and planning. He was the Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft APAC and served with the Ministry of Defense, Singapore, establishing the Computer Security Monitoring & Investigation Centre and the Computer Emergency Response Team.


Securing Cyberspace in a Connected World: The Evolution of Telcos in Securing Cyberspace


Today’s cyber ecosystem is a highly complex and dynamic universe consisting of a global set of stakeholders. Telecommunications carriers play a role in this diverse and interconnected ecosystem, supporting new ways in which governments deliver citizen services, businesses deliver innovative services to their customers and individuals’ online lifestyle.

Cyber-attacks on the digital infrastructure could disrupt these services of governments, businesses and society. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are also taking advantage of this ecosystem for financial gain through online fraud, disruption of on-line services e.g ransomware and distributed denial-of-service.

Some telecommunications carriers are transforming the way they operate to develop and promote effective network and data defense capabilities. Telecommunications carriers are playing a more active role in cyber security, engaging government and industry stakeholders in a broad variety of cyber infrastructure resilience initiatives. This takes the form of engaging partners on R&D and innovation efforts to promote greater collaboration, cyber awareness and outreach among key stakeholders.

Cyber-attacks are here to stay and can only grow more dangerous and sophisticated as the Internet ecosystem evolves. The efforts by telecommunications carriers to deploy effective measures will contribute to enhancing on our national security posture.