Dr. Li Qiming
Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Li Qiming combines over a decade of extensive research and software development experience in information security across US, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Qiming co-founded CloakApps and is the architect and lead engineer in the company’s products and services.  Qiming has also conducted security research in I2R, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Engineering School of NYU. Qiming also authored more than 30 published journal articles, conference papers and book chapters in information security. 


Implications of Blockchain for Enterprise Security


Blockchain is predicted to be a major disruptive technology, which will fundamentally change how Government, Business and Financial systems is designed, implemented and operated.  However, current bitcoin/blockchain codebase is not suitable for direct implementation in organisations or services.  Most corporate IT teams also lack the cryptographic and distributed computing expertise to correctly develop, customise or operate blockchain-based services.  This presentation aims to discuss some immediate actions corporate CIOs could do, in order to ensure their organisation is not left behind.

This presentation will cover:
  • Why blockchain? The benefits and costs of blockchain will be presented.
  • What kind of projects should use blockchain?  A checklist of project characteristics will be discussed.
  • What can a CIO do immediately to ensure their organisation is prepared for future distributed smart automated IT services.

There is a major first mover advantage for organisations, which correctly leverage on the benefits of blockchain!