Dr Du Yuejin
Senior Researcher and VP of Technology
Alibaba Group


Yuejin Du, Ph.D. is currently working as Senior Researcher and VP of technology at Alibaba Group, focus on Data Security, Threat Intelligence, Standard and outside cooperation on Cyber security.

Dr. Du is a famous expert on Cybersecurity in China. He was one of the founders of Chinese national computer emergency response team (CNCERT/CC) and Asia-Pacific cooperation group of CSIRTS (APCERT). Before he join Alibaba, he was the founder and director of National Engineering Laboratory for Cybersecurity Emergency Response Technology, Director of National Institute of National Institute of Network and Information Security, Deputy CTO of CNCERT/CC.

Dr. Du has more than 15 years of experience on Internet security, involved in the handling work of nearly all the large scale Internet incidents during 2001to 2008. Dr. Du contributed a lot on national Internet security capacity building, leaded the project of national Internet intrusion monitoring and warning platform, played key role on setting up national incident response cooperation framework, did a lot of work on public-awareness-raising, etc.  Dr. Du was one of the several top level network security experts during many important event, including Olympic Game in 2008, the World Expo and the Asian Games in 2010, and the Summer Universiade in 2011. Dr. Du earned many very high level awards because of his contributions.

Dr. Du also played active role on international cooperation. He proposed China-ASEAN cooperation framework on network security, leaded an APEC-TEL project on botnet countermeasure, made many presentations on various international conferences.


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