David van Crout
Critical Infrastructure Manager, UK
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd


Joined Check Point from Lockheed Martin Industrial Defender with 20 years’ experience working for major ICS vendors and focused on Industrial Cyber Security and network resiliency for high availability systems since 2006.

Expertise in CNI protection with many clients throughout the UK and Europe in power generation and grid, transport, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and discrete manufacturing, facilitating security transformation and uplifting the capabilities of security operations through IT/OT convergence.

Highly conversant with all major control systems, PLC, SCADA and DCS vendors including ABB, Siemens, Rockwell, Emerson & Schneider with in depth knowledge of best practice and industrial cyber security standards:- ISO/IEC 27001, NERC 1300, NIST, ISA/IEC-62443/ ISA-99 and how they apply to end-users (i.e. asset owner), system integrators, security practitioners, and control systems manufacturers.


The Secrets Behind Advanced Critical Infrastructures & SCADA Cyber Attacks


Cyber-attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) and in particular critical and manufacturing infrastructures is now a reality. Power generation facilities, metropolitan traffic control systems, water treatment systems and factories have become targets of attackers and have been hit recently with an array of network breach, data theft and denial of service activity.

ICS/SCADA networks and devices were designed to provide manageability and control with maximum reliability. Often they do not feature mechanisms to avoid unauthorized access or to cope with the evolving security threats originating from external or internal networks that have become common in the IT world.

The session will be about a SCADA Cyber Attack Timeline, which will include a short overview of Critical Infrastructure & SCADA cyber-attack history.