Daniel Wachdorf
Technical Director of Threat Detection and Response
Carbon Black


Daniel Wachdorf is the Technical Director of Threat Detection and Response for Carbon Black. He has broad experience in commercial and government security. Before joining Carbon Black he worked as a technical lead for security development for a government contractor. There he worked on both offensive assessment and defensive security technologies. He has an extensive history developing and defending against advanced malware attacks. He also spent over 8 years at Sandia National Laboratories working in the Vulnerability Assessment program office.  He was a lead member of R&D teams working with software, hardware, and firmware security. 


Cyber Essentialism: Security Discipline, Collective Defense and the Pursuit of Less


No business has “enough” resources in cyber defense, yet many organizations continue to plague their existing resources with environments and processes that are not setup to succeed. It’s time to let security teams do security. That starts with the pursuit of “less” and is enhanced by the concept of “Collective Defense”- sharing actionable threat intelligence with the security community. In this session, we’ll explore a mindset shift to “Cyber Essentialism,” reveal actionable concepts that will enable you to be more effective with your approach to cyber security and discuss how sharing the right kind of threat intelligence is critical to making the entire security community stronger.