Balázs Scheidler
Inventor, Founder, CTO


Balázs Scheidler is an initiator of numerous Linux related projects, he is regarded by members of the open source community as subject matter expert. He is the "father" of syslog-ng, a trusted log management solution, which open source version is used in more than 1 million installations worldwide, including several Linux distributions such as Debian, openSuse, is a default log collection tool in Amazon Kindle Fire, and used by companies like Facebook and the Computing Centre of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics (CC-IN2P3). He is a technology freak, his interest includes logging, proxy-based gateway technologies and user behavior analytics, big data analytics. Balázs is married, is a father of two boys and even his startup received 8 million USD venture capital last year, he still finds time to contribute to the open source syslog-ng project.


Log is Everything, Everything is Log


Logs are becoming a central concept of today's IT: logs are used for troubleshooting, logs are used for business intelligence, logs are used for detecting and understanding security incidents.

Collection, storage & search are the core functionalities of a log management system, but details such as reliability of delivery, storage efficiency and scalability also matter as we scale up our log infrastructure to cover the entire organization.

When it comes to analysing log data, there's no one size fits all solution: logs are or will be processed by multiple systems.  Those might be homegrown scripts or a SIEM today, but business intelligence or other big data needs will need to be addressed in the future.

Our strategy when choosing a log management system should focus around reliability and flexibility, one that keeps our options open in the long term to cover growth of volume, variety of sources and analytic needs.