Apichet Chayabejara
Solution Architect, Asia Pacific and Japan, CISSP


Apichet Chayabejara is CyberArk’s Solution Architect for the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) markets with a charter to help enterprises plan and develop security protocols, infrastructure and programmes to better secure their organisations from insider and external cyber threats.

With 10 years of experience working on diverse cybersecurity and mission critical projects across the Asia Pacific region, he developed his expertise in PKI, SIEM, network forensics, identity management and data encryption. A seasoned presenter, Apichet’s rich technical knowledge is a vital counsel for customers, partners and industry professionals, helping them build their capabilities in advance security operations.


Case Studies on Implementation of Proactive Controls to Safeguard Access to Industrial Control Systems


With cyber-attacks posing an increasing threat to critical infrastructure, organizations must re-evaluate their security strategy, working from the assumption that an attacker will inevitably infiltrate their networks.  With this in mind, we’ll shift our focus to ensuring that all critical systems in the operational environments are appropriately segregated, secured and monitored in real-time. It only takes one vulnerable system to be exploited for an attacker to cause significant damage that could compromise system performance and even their operation. It is therefore essential that organizations proactively safeguard their systems with a practical set of steps that includes securing all privileged accounts existing in their networks.

In 2015 the ICS-CERT highlighted the increased frequency of attempted attacks against Industrial Control Systems (ICS).  The use of shared accounts with no individual oversight, the prolific use of interactive remote user access, and network connections to the IT/Corporate environments represent some of the vulnerabilities that can be managed with the implementation of a Privileged Account Security solution.

We will review important steps that organizations can take to reduce the attack surface area and take a proactive approach to the ICS security problem.  This is a key step in safeguarding critical assets given the risks associated with direct connectivity to untrusted endpoints. 

Learn how organizations have applied the steps to safeguard their critical systems:
  • Reduce the attack surface area
  • Help prevent the spread of malware to critical systems
  • Implement Secure Remote Access
  • Monitor and Respond