Anthony Bargar
Managing Director
Cyber Security Consulting Group (CSCG)
United States


Mr. Anthony Bargar has served in senior positions within the Financial Services Sector, United States Dept. of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Mr. Bargar’s global, enterprise customers have included stock exchanges, banks, utilities, federal military/intel agencies and other representatives of the public, financial and critical infrastructure sectors. 

In a public service role, Anthony was on the team that developed the US President's Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative (CNCI), supported the Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Protection, Resilience, Business Continuity and National Telecommunication programs and was the senior DoD representative to the White House on national cyber-incident response and information sharing.

Mr. Bargar now works with the private sector and with governments worldwide to implement resilient architectures, effective strategies, and leap ahead technologies to reduce risk.  He is working with organizations in Singapore on Cyber Operations & Analytics effort to raise an organizations cyber maturity and prepare for next generation adversaries.


Effective Strategies for National Cyber Resilience


The rapid developments in Info-comm technology (ICT) as a result of Smart Nation Initiatives will have a profound impact on the way live, work and play. The ICT, networks and data in which Nations depends --- were not built for survivability against a well-resourced and sophisticated adversary, their continuity plans were designed around physical or natural disasters. 

This talk will discuss that the very infrastructure, policies, ecosystem and capabilities to enable a Smart Nation have the potential of introducing fragility into a countries system by increasing National dependence on ICT for mission essential functions, while at the same time significantly increasing a Nations digital attack surface.  

This talk will cover
  1. Relook at Cyber Sovereignty
  2. Threat Containment Plans
  3. Defensive Strategies for ICT in a Smart Nation, and
  4. Explore the topic of International Partnerships needed for protecting dependent critical information infrastructure for a successful Smart Nation Security Strategy.