Alvin Rodrigues
Chief Security Strategist, APAC


Alvin Rodrigues has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.  He started his career in marketing and has worked in numerous marketing, strategy development and sales supporting roles.  He is most comfortable with and enjoys content, program and strategy development. He is able to see patterns and relationships between topics, and is adept at contextualizing the information to make it meaningful for different audiences and for strategy development.

At Fortinet, Alvin is responsible for sales and marketing strategy, program development, business messaging, and the deployment of the strategies through the different routes to market across South-East Asia and Hong Kong. He speaks at public forums and events on security, and engages with executives one-to-one and over roundtable discussions to understand their security challenges and propose mutually agreed security solutions to improve the company security posture that is optimized to their business needs.

Prior to joining Fortinet, Alvin was marketing director for Asia Pacific and South East Asia at Palo Alto Networks, where he took charge of marketing and business strategy focused on pipeline creation through the channels and direct sales team.  He was instrumental in elevating the cyber security discussion to the executive and boardroom levels.

Alvin has held numerous senior marketing and strategy development positions in organizations such as IBM, Oracle, American Power Conversion (APC), TIBCO and Compuware across the Asia Pacific region.  At Oracle, he was in the pioneering team that conceptualized and developed the online marketing framework that was adopted globally across the organization in 2000.


Taking Practical Steps Towards Cyber Resiliency


As more companies embrace digitisation and new emerging technologies with mobility capabilities, this creates greater demands on network performance, they begin to realise that traditional cyber security is an insufficient response to modern cyber threats. 

We find more assets, business workflows, transactions and even relationships entering the digital realm. And firms are looking beyond how to defend themselves against potential threats. They are starting to explore and develop game plans to prepare themselves for the worst-case scenario – a successful attack. When that happens, how do they bounce back in the shortest possible time with minimal impact to the business stakeholders, and continue to deliver their unique value proposition to customers?

This presentation will walk the audience through the key stages in cyber resiliency, and highlight how organisations can improve their security posture, so that they can dependably deliver value to their customers 24/7.