Alvin Cheng
Cyber Security Manager
Custodio Pte Ltd


Alvin has over 9 years of experience in IT security solutions and hardening IT infrastructure. He has also experience in cyber threat intelligence and how it can be integrated with other products to improve incident respond process or for other strategic purposes.

He started off doing technology explorations in DSTA to build up his competencies in different IT domains since 2000. Since 2006, he started to acquire new skill-sets in Information Security which include designing a secure IT infrastructure, technical and risk assessment of new technologies like using a single client machine to access networks of different classification, virtualization, VOIP etc. His last role in DSTA as a project manager provided him the opportunity to carry out planning and implementation of several medium to big scale projects.

From 2014 to 2015, he worked as a senior security consultant which include proposing integrated security solutions and writing proposals for customers with security & operational requirements. On the other hand, he participated in identifying business and collaboration opportunities with strategic partners to build up cutting edge capabilities in IT security such as cyber threat Intel and next generation endpoint solutions. During this role, he also proposed roadmaps for customers to improve the maturity of their existing IT infrastructure so as to adopt an adaptive posture against advanced malware and APT.

In Sep 2015, he joined Custodio, a Cyber Early Warning R&D Centre, as their Cyber Security Manager. His main role involves leading a team of researchers and developers to develop new cybersecurity solutions and capabilities in Singapore to address the growing threat of cyber-attacks at corporations and government levels. In addition, his team also collaborate with research institutes and, at times, niche market players to design and innovate security technologies.


Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts - The Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium – A Working Model of Coopetition in Cyber Security


On January 2016 Israel launched an innovative business platform – the Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium, IC3. The consortium, established by the Israeli Ministry of the Economy, is led by IAI and includes several leading Israeli cyber companies with the goal of internationally promoting the consortium members’ business activity by providing state-of-the-art cyber solutions to potential customers.

The collaboration among IC3 companies is particularly notable given that the consortium is composed of companies that generally compete with each; companies that are currently combining forces and collaborating in order to build a better cyber security solution. The ability of the IC3 consortium members to rise above their usual competitive environment, to collaborate, and present holistic end-to-end cyber solutions is truly unique.

As Cyber security mandates international partnership for information sharing and technology cooperation, shouldn’t Singapore leverage its unique regional and international position to lead an IC3 like consortium on a multinational level?