Alberto Pelliccione


Alberto Pelliccione is CEO of ReaQta, a cybersecurity company that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics to automate the process of threat discoveries and to protect the endpoints from 0-day threats. Alberto has been an Artificial Intelligence researcher for the National Council of Research and he spent 7 years in the governmental cyber intelligence offensive sector, gaining considerable experience in how sophisticated threat actors operate, devising new ways for spotting attacks in a constantly evolving environment. Since 2014 he’s at the helm of ReaQta were he leads the strategic view towards the creation of intelligent and autonomous cybersecurity solutions.


Artificial Intelligence for Automated Cyberthreat Discovery: How Machine Learning Evolved to Help Us Fight New and Unknown Threats


A panoramic view of Artificial Intelligence evolution in the past 10 years shows an explosion in a field that has been stagnant for the longest time. New and powerful algorithms, combined with novel ways of acquiring behavioral data, finally allow governments and enterprises to automate the process of finding unknown and low-and-slow threats, whereas a human was otherwise required, with considerable investments in terms of time and resources. The ability of acquiring huge amounts of data only make sense if knowledge can be extracted from it, the most recent advancements in machine learning allow for the creation of sophisticated new tools, capable of combining human expertise with real-time inputs, thus extremely efficient in adapting to an always changing environment, providing immense flexibility and inspection capabilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

Key idea
Artificial intelligence is capable of digging through the vast amounts of data acquired today. Seeing patterns invisible to the human brain while also learning from humans.

This newly gained analysis ability can be used to create faster, automated and more effective tools to discover new attacks, intrusion techniques and to offer better protection with a much faster response.