Aart Jochem
Head (Monitoring & Response)
NCSC of Netherlands


Aart Jochem is member of the management team of the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL) and is responsible for incident response and monitoring. He has a masters degree in electrical engineering and computer science and worked for both government and private organisations before he joined GOVCERT.NL, the predecessor of NCSC, in 2007.


CERT Maturity in EU – the NCSC's Experience


The recent completion of the NIS Directive obligates each Member State to have a CERT at the governmental level. The Dutch experience with establishing the NCSC learns that this is not an easy task. Hans de Vries will address some of the challenges and lessons learned from that process. He will also link the NCSC’s experience with the new EU CSIRT Network and its future functioning.