• Matthias Yeo
    Chief Technology Officer (Asia)
    Date: 21 September 2017
    Time: 1100 – 1140 hrs
    Venue: MR 310 - 311, Level 3

    Matthias is Symantec Chief Technology Officer (APAC) responsible for driving organisation’s solution strategy and technology vision throughout Asia Pacific. He serves as a trusted advisor to senior executives (such as CIOs and CISOs) and in strategizing and improving the overall security postures for their organization. He is a highly sought after and leading expert in Technology with over 16 years of experience in Cyber Security and Technology Leadership. Presently, he holds the position of Vice-President in the Singapore chapter of (ISC)2. He also serves as a board of advisor for technology advisory in certain organization.


    Cyber-attacks involve advanced and sophisticated techniques to infiltrate corporate networks and enterprise systems. On May 12, 2017, there were multiple public reports of an ongoing large-scale cyberattack involving a variant of the ransomware named WannaCry (aka WCry). These attacks are targeting and have affected users from various countries across the globe. The weaponisation of such software has ushered in a new era of cyberattacks. Instead of merely constantly building defense in depth strategy, organisation need to adapt Information Security Analytics and Big Data model to become more proactive and intelligent about detecting and stopping threats.

    Through this session, Matthias will share the threat analysis for the Singapore from Symantec’s recent ISTR report, and how it is benchmarked against the world. He will also share about some of the technique used, and the best practices and processes to adopt a proactive stance against emerging threats.

  • Ian Yip
    Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific
    Date: 21 September 2017
    Time: 1140 - 1220 hrs
    Venue: MR 310 - 311, Level 3

    Ian has worked with organisations globally on Cyber Security initiatives and projects, particularly in the areas of Strategy & Transformation, Identity & Access Management, Data Protection, Threat Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance, and API Management.

    He has held a variety of leadership, advisory, sales, marketing, product management, consulting, and technical roles across Europe and Asia Pacific in some of the world's leading companies, including McAfee, Ernst & Young, IBM, CA Technologies and NetIQ.

    In addition to being a published author, Ian has built, led and managed teams with multi-million dollar sales, operational and delivery targets, defined and executed go-to-market strategies based on market analysis & needs, set corporate & product strategy, brought new products to market, delivered major cyber transformation programs & engagements, delivered keynote presentations at industry & corporate events, been interviewed & quoted in the media, and contributed articles to a variety of publications.


    The cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly and cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. While organizations would ideally like a large cybersecurity team and budget to protect themselves, most cannot afford to implement all the measures they would like. There needs to be actionable visibility of the threats in play at any point in time, and a logical approach tied to measurable outcomes that drive cybersecurity investment. This session covers the evolution of the threat landscape including the current state of play and where it is headed, the intelligence available to organizations, how to deal with the complexities and skills challenges that most organizations are facing, and the key strategies to help focus on the things that matter most to maximize cyber risk reduction.

  • Prof Chien Siang Yu
    Chief Innovation Officer
    Date: 19 September 2017
    Time: 1340 – 1420 hrs
    Venue: Auditorium, Hall 406, Level 4

    As Quann's Chief Innovation Officer, Professor Yu is responsible for cultural transformation, strategic problem solving and innovations in areas such as Big Data, video and cognitive processing, Smart Nation, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, drones and high security solutioning. He also leads Quann Labs, focusing on cyber security innovation and anti-malware research.

    Professor Yu has been active in the fields of IT management and IT security for over 20 years, and led numerous national-level projects in IT security and homeland security. For his contribution, Professor Yu has been awarded The Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 1993 and The Public Administration Medal (Silver) Bar in 2004.

    Professor Yu, a pioneer in the exploitation of microcomputers, is a former President of the Singapore Microcomputer Society. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at the National University of Singapore where he teaches an introductory course on cyber security.


    Disruptions caused by technological innovations are a fact of life now. Advancing relentlessly, infocomm technology brings new opportunities through big data, Internet of Things, and pervasive computing on mobile phones, smart devices or wearable.

    Attacks, not necessarily technically sophisticated, have increased in frequency and are becoming more innovative, allowing a larger number of cyber criminals to partake and threaten every enterprise’s operations and business survival.

    It could only get worse, when next generation cyber-attacks combine artificial intelligence with easily available toolboxes.

    Conventional thinking and the lack of collaboration among security vendors stand in our way of staying ahead of these new-age attackers.

    In this event, find out how cyber security vendors can up their game through innovation thinking, new approaches needed to develop products that can withstand attacks, and new business models to make security affordable to every enterprise.

    The clock is ticking. We need to out-innovate hackers now.