• Nicolas Fischbach
    Chief Technology Officer
    Date: 20 September 2017
    Time: 1550 - 1630 hrs
    Venue: MR 310-311, Level 3

    Nicolas Fischbach is Forcepoint’s Cloud CTO and he also oversees the Proximo Innovation Labs. Before joining Forcepoint he spent 17 years at Colt, a global B2B Service Provider, where he was in charge of company-wide strategy, architecture and innovation. Nicolas hold an Engineer degree in Networking and Distributed Computing and is a recognized authority on Service Provider security as well as on next-generation network and cloud architectures.


    What has WannaCry taught us?

    The global WannaCry ransomware outbreak is just one of an increasingly frequent series of threats; experienced security professionals know there is always a new threat coming.

    Ransomware challenges enterprise networks in new ways – from human points of failure to the layering of security and mitigation solutions.

    Learn about:

    • Types of ransomware and how they propagate
    • If you should pay the ransomHow evolving threats require new business processes, beyond technology
    • If the Cloud makes it all riskier or more secure
    • What we should we be on the watch for in the near future
  • Fredrik Forslund
    Vice President, Enterprise & Cloud Erasure Solutions
    Blancco Technology Group
    Date: 21 September 2017
    Time: 1140 - 1220 hrs
    Venue: Auditorium, Hall 406, Level 4

    Fredrik Forslund serves as Director of Cloud & Data Center Erasure Solutions for Blancco, a division of Blancco Technology Group. Bringing over 15 years of experience, he previously founded SafeIT Security, a security software company focusing on encryption and selective data erasure. With a keen eye for streamlining corporate IT security efficiencies and maintaining compliance with data privacy legislation, he is often regarded as a trusted advisor among customers. Prior to joining Blancco, he served as a Management Consultant for McKinsey & Company. Having lived and worked in the U.S. and Europe, Forslund understands the operational, financial and cultural nuances of driving global business growth. When he’s not guiding customers through data erasure, or working with Blancco’s internal teams, he can be found speaking at industry conferences, such as Cloud Expo Europe.


    This session will update you on regulatory trends around the world and measures you can take to achieve best practice in real life with a focus on controlling and understanding data end of life situations. Your cyber security and IT security policies needs constant attention and updating to ensure that your business does not suffer from damaging data breaches. By analyzing your data life cycle, regulations and compliance combined with existing policies- you can come out as a winner. The goals are to reduce risk exposure, reduce operational costs and to be compliant in global business environment.