About Governmentware

From national security agencies to corporates, spanning financial services, healthcare, energy and utilities, transport and telecommunications, industry professionals are more concerned than ever about formulating an efficient and effective cybersecurity approach. It is an exciting time and space to be in the cybersecurity space; constantly evolving, constantly innovating.

Facing an increasingly sophisticated cyber threat landscape, what are the right answers to make your organisation safe, stable and resilent? How do we change our ideas and understanding of risk, in an environment where the threat is elusive, cross-border and constantly morphing? How do you invest in a programme that hits the mark?
Find your answers at GovernmentWare (GovWare).

Into its 26th showing, GovWare is the region’s most established premier conference and showcase for cyber security. GovWare is the cornerstone event for the Singapore International Cyber Week. Featuring the latest trends in technology, organisational implementation and user perspectives, GovWare regularly attracts best practitioners to meet, network, discuss and collaborate on things that truly matter in cyber security.

With a speaker faculty of over 100 government officials, thought leaders, visionaries, techonology experts and industry professionals, and over 100 exhibitors and sponsors, the event is the leading platform for practical focused and unbiased knowledge, and the only marketplace you need to be at to get the latest in cyber security.