Sponsors & Exhibitors Profile

  • Bizsecure Asia Pte Ltd
    Company Profile

    Founded in 2009, Bizsecure Asia Pacific is the exclusive Asia Pacific representative of leading security solutions from Europe.
    Understanding the importance of reliable IT security systems in the digital age’s increasingly complex business environment, Bizsecure is committed to delivering best-in-class solutions that give the assurance of security without compromising business continuity.

    Backed by proven experience in channel and business development, Bizsecure Asia Pacific has established offices and partners in South East Asia and North Asia to address the growing demand for network security in the region.

    Our Mission

    Bizsecure thrives on a strong and single-minded commitment: Securing Your Business.
    Our focus is to be the preferred IT security solutions provider to our client enterprises, offering the best technologies and value-added services that empower them to meet the evolving business demands of tomorrow.

    Products / Solutions


    • Unified Threat Management Solutions And Next-Generation Firewalls
    • Trusted Solution For The Protection Of Sensitive Information
    • Memory And Behavioral Protection


    • Privileged Access Management


    • Web Application Security
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
    Company Profile

    With an established legacy of helping clients overcome complex challenges, Booz Allen Hamilton expanded its global presence into Southeast Asia. Our regional headquarters is based in Singapore, but we will be partnering with clients in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries in the region. With more than a century of global experience providing strategy and technology consulting, we are uniquely qualified to innovate for our clients in ways that competitors cannot. Our ability to meet and exceed client expectations originates in a well-established collaborative culture supported by the firm’s capabilities and experts. We work hand-in-hand with our clients all around the Southeast Asia (SEA) region to build strategies for enterprise transformation, national cyber centres, and technology optimization, and consistently offer improvements that last.

    Products / Solutions

    Cyber Agency Formation + National Cyber Centers + Cyber Wargames and Training

  • BT
    Company Profile

    BT is a leading global business communications provider operating in over 180 countries. We support some of the world’s largest companies, from financial institutions to pharmaceuticals, providing ICT services to over 5,500 multinationals worldwide. We combine our global strengths in networking, cloud-based unified collaboration and hybrid cloud services, embedding security at the heart.

    To protect our own network and some of our most demanding security customers, like the UK Ministry of Defence, we’ve developed one of the best security practices in the world. We carry a vast quantity of the world’s internet traffic, which enables us to distil huge amounts of network and security data into an unparalleled view of the security threats impacting all the networks that we manage for our global customers. BT regularly shares threat intelligence with partners in Europe, Asia and the US, and takes part in telecoms intelligence sharing groups.‬

    We hold ISO27001 certification for our 14 follow-the-sun Security Operations Centres who currently protect more than 1,700 customers and 100,000 devices. With Crest international membership accreditation and over 2,500 security professionals across the world, we are in a privileged position to help our customers with their security requirements.

    Products / Solutions

    Managed Security Services:

    • Managed DDoS Security.
    • Managed Firewall Security.
    • Managed Cloud Security.
    • Managed Email Security
    • Managed PKI Security
    • Managed Web Security
    • Secure messaging - BT Radianz Messaging: Secure, fully managed, non-repudiable message exchange service
    • IP Address Management - Manage your IP addresses to reduce the risk of service outages and security issues.

    Security Consulting:

    • Governance, risk and compliance consulting
    • Identity and access management consulting
    • Penetration testing: BT Security Ethical Hacking
    • Planning your cyber journey - BT Cyber security consulting
    • Protecting your network - BT Infrastructure security consulting
    • Securing your data - BT data security consulting

    Security Intelligence:

    • Cyber Security - Comprehensive and fully integrated cyber security for your organisation.
    • Security Threat Intelligence – Identify threats before they damage and disrupt your business.
    • Security Threat Monitoring and Defence.
    • Security Log Management - Collect, store and search security logs for compliance reports and forensic analysis.
    • Security Vulnerability Scanning


    • Securing your IT estate – Keep your network, devices and applications secure.
    • Assessing your security risk – Be clear on your current security risks and what you need.
    • Preventing cyber-attacks –Use intelligence-led security to stop cyber-attacks.