Events of Interest
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Government Cybersecurity Forum
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) will host its Inaugural CSA Government Cybersecurity Forum at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore on October 12 2016.

Driven by the evolution of the cyber space landscape, there is a need to revisit to discuss on national’s roadmap to cyber security. We have put together a line-up of speakers and panelists from government worldwide, who will provide perspectives on their country’s national cloud computing/cyber security strategies, civilian and defense agency cloud security standards, and real- world implementation experiences with state-of-the- art cloud security architectures. This will be a full day event with the aim to bring information security professionals from civilian and defense agencies together to share experiences and lessons learned about best practices for securely implementing cloud computing to support agency missions.

This is an exclusive invitation-only forum. To understand how to get involved and participate in this Forum, please email us at [email protected]
Cyber Forensics and Cyber Risk Management Workshop
Co-Organised by:
Cyber Forensic Workshop
11 Oct 2016, 9am – 5pm, Suntec Singapore

Learn about the fundamental principles of cyber forensics. Participants will learn the means through which cyber forensic investigations are conducted including the use of specialised software tools, techniques and processes employed to preserve and recover digital evidence.

Cyber Risk Management Workshop
12 Oct 2016, 9am – 5pm, Suntec Singapore

Learn about a risk-based approach to cyber security to enhance participants’ ability to assess cyber risks, manage cyber security incidents and effectively safeguard their digital assets. Key areas covered include:
  • The new world of cyber risk – the interconnected world and global cyber threats
  • Rapidly evolving cyber technology – Internet of Things, Cloud, personal devices, and mobility
  • Cyber risk management priorities in your organisation
  • Proven approaches to cyber risk management
  • Incident management and cyber forensics
  • Accessing the future – partnering to monitor trends on the cyber threat landscape and manage them
  • Developing a cyber risk management plan

To register, email [email protected].
What Have You Missed Today: Back to Basics

Cybersecurity is never gauged according to the threat landscape. The top one technology that most infosec practitioners think will significantly improve security is network monitoring and intelligence. The continuous monitoring in place can help us sleep well at night. However, the biggest risk an organisation faces is not technology but complacency. Any organisation can be a victim without being the target. Do we have full visibility of our security posture? What have we really missed in cybersecurity?  

At (ISC)2 SecureSingapore 2016, we will relook at what we have accidentally or conveniently missed out. We will discuss the basic but essential points when developing an enterprise information and cybersecurity strategy. Collaborating and co-operating to reduce casualties.

Now in its sixth year, (ISC)2 SecureSingapore 2016 will be held alongside GovWare 2016 at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore on October 11 (14:00-17:30) & October 12 (09:00-12:30). Registration is free for (ISC)2 members.

Note: (ISC)2 members can enjoy a complimentary conference pass to GovWare 2016 open tracks on Oct 11 & Oct 12.

For more details, please click HERE or contact Maggie Yuen at [email protected] or (852) 28506957.